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About Us

Micrologics was formed in 1998 with one simple aim, to provide reliable, quality, real world software solutions. In today’s market, software solutions are frequently offered using the latest buzzword or technologies and more often than not, unfortunately, they do not deliver. We do not aim to impress or blind you with these buzzwords nor to deliver software that is late, compromised, complicated or unreliable to use.

Quite simply, we will analyse your requirements and deliver a solution to fit these needs, no matter how small or large. Our solutions are robust, user friendly and easily extendable for future growth. Our development team have many years experience developing software and we firmly believe in delivering solutions that are as simple as the needs require. We have found over the years it is beneficial to deliver a simpler, more reliable solution with an emphasis on scaleability for future growth.

Analysing and developing your solutions is only one half of the story however. We are also able to thoroughly test these solutions under a multitude of hardware and software environments in our software testing laboratory. This laboratory enables us to put our software through a series of compatibility & stress test’s that result in a far superior finished product.

Not only do we use the laboratory for the testing of our own software, but we are also able to test third party software. From Alpha release through to Release Candidates, we will provide you with a continuos in-depth report of problems that are found. We can also utilise our many years of development experience and offer suggestions that may help improve the usability and reliability of the product.


Development Solutions

Window’s Development

Borland Delphi (Versions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


Internet Development





Database Development

Microsoft SQL-Server (Versions 6.5, 7, 2000)


Testing Solutions

NT4 (Server & Workstation)
2000 (Server & Professional)